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Why IT industry Shed Crocodile tears now?

Posted in Anna University, Engineering Education with tags , on September 10, 2009 by bulldozerr

The hard  learnt lesson by the industry (2nd time) should make them sensible enough, I hope.

The IT industry did many things indiscriminately and made the country suffer for the greed of it.

They (many dubious!!) opened up like a mushrooms of rainy season.

Recruited from all disciplines irrespective of their ability (to comprehend the process of software development, for instance).

This resulted in recruiting (on campus, off campus, job melahs (few India’s National News papers joined to beat the drum), etc..) Bio Technology, All other Engg. branch students, arts and science graduates, with a bait – huge salary.

The consequence being creating ill equipped software professionals,  creating an artificial vacuum in the respective fields, poor quality software products.

Worst is when the IT industry fell, the poor fellows became unfit to be part of the respective fields resulting in Huge Unemployment.

The ones, thrown out over night, became defaulters of many banks (loans to save tax!!!) and still undergo turmoil (Banks run havoc in their life), unable to lead the lost life-style. Created unnecessary imbalance in money flow.

When carrying out the illogical recruitment drive, they created unnecessary pressure on the academia (placement, on & off campus drives). Now trying to find fault with higher academic institutions and coming up with misssssions, vissssssions with all kind of  NXs (applied thoughts!!!). They should go to institutions which train people on the skill sets (equally mushroomed during this period of cancerous growth of IT industry) rather than higher engineering institutions.

Oh!! lot to be said, Will be back in a while.