Research – (Water in Milk / Milk in water)

Folks! today I have the urge that I must tell something about the researchers in the computing science field.

Every one in the CSE field of study aware about NS2 (Network Simulator) and its sibling Glomosim!!

You want to get a Ph.D degree (mind that the objective is not doing anything serious about computing science research). Download one of loads of papers available on the net from the brotherhood from China. Don’t bother if you don’t understand any of the Greek letters or formula in that paper. Nobody bothers about your understanding.

You must make a claim your area of specialization as one of the following:
Networks, Mobile ad hoc networks, Network Security (Believe that you really need not have to know anything big in those area at all).

Open the local dailies look for the following lines in the classifieds “Doing Ph. D/live projects/IEEE projects ….)

Got it. Reach them. You will be given the project/Thesis/Implementation and what not. These are the Angels (Most of the times your own students working for a small sum) who remembers the quote of Jesus “Ask you will be given”. Of course for a sum.

So, the crux of the matter is Ph.D is possible from local news paper, your own students who have performed miserably in their studies, with money etc…

Yes, I must have forgotten to mention “the art of publishing”. Second “the art of fixing viva and getting through the process”.One can write a book on these topics.

Essentially Universities must think of not allowing any doctoral work using this simulators.

Its stuffy. Let me go for some rest. Sure, I will come back.


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