Rank List of Affiliated Institutions – Anna University

Next I wish to talk on Anna University Chennai’s recently published Ranking.

I suppose the Anna University Chennai (was) simply an University of good status internationally. (those days! only to be lamented…) But of late, again the university is involving in the kind of activity that creates unnecessary cut-throat competition among the institutions?? In the past the similar act created an uproar among the managements of affiliated colleges.

It is absolutely unwarranted for the university to publish rank list of institutions. Is it spelt as a responsibility of the university in its constitution?

The COE and his team needs to be appreciated for their data interpretation skills and their tremendous creativity in bringing in as many rank lists as possible out the creativity!!!!

Instead of doing such a lousy job, the COE must concentrate on improving the examination system and make all out effort in bringing out the creativity of the students. Must Dare to Change the question paper pattern, bring in more analysis oriented questions such that the student need to think & solve a small portion of real-life problems at the examination hall. Spend his creativity in improvising the laboratory examinations. These are small effort at the tip of an iceberg at UG level.

The PG examination system is still pathetic. I am still wondering what our master degree level student can do to this poor country, what this poor chap, COE, can do to improve…..

Yes, he can bring in some more reports/rank lists on these areas as well in spite of what had been published already.

To do all these stuff (nonsense) he needs to be provided with a best super computer available on the earth only to match his creativity!!!!!

The consequences (reality) of publishing this kind of rank list, its repercussions are to be looked into by this humble genius COE by not sitting in Chennai but by going out to various affiliated colleges both in Chennai and in interior Tamil Nadu.

This Highly creative man kills the creativity of future generation in absolute terms. (An assassin!!!!)
Deserves a capital punishment.


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